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What Health Buffs Need to Know About the Flat Belly Diet?

Let’s face it, we all want to be fit but the problem lies in choosing the flat belly diet which really works for us. There are a lot of hype on diet and workouts these days and it is hard to determine which will work for our individual needs. Even if you find some programs that claim to be tried-and-tested by some people, you still don’t have the assurance that it will have the same effect on you because different people have different metabolic rates and different lifestyles as well.

This is the reason why a lot of people ask this question – What is the best and most effective lose belly fat diet out there? The answer to this is still subjective. It would all depend on the person who will follow the diet and the desire to achieve one’s goal.

Diet plays a big role in keeping a flat belly and this is the reason why you have to keep a list of healthy foods to include in your daily meals. And for this list, it is imperative for you to know the different food groups that could offer the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients required for a well-balanced diet.

Some people have the wrong notion that by avoiding carbohydrates and fats is enough to lose weight and maintain a flat belly. But this is so wrong. The body has its own way of supplying the required nutrients. And if it feels deprived of important elements like carbohydrates, it will put its defensive mechanism into action. So instead of losing weight, the body will retain its stored fats which it will use during times when the body’s energy levels goes too low or beyond normal levels.

What can be considered as the best weight loss foods?

The most effective flat belly foods are those that help your body burn off calories instead of storing them. Here is a list of the foods that can help you in achieving that most enviable flat abs:

Raw vegetables
Raw fruits
Raw nuts
Low-fat dairy products
Brown rice
Green tea

These flat belly foods have been proven to work for people who want to eliminate those tummy ripples and bulges. These foods that burn belly fat can act as the solution to tummy problems and you need not starve yourself just to achieve your targeted waistline. If incorporated in a healthy diet plan, these foods could be your best alternative in losing those unwanted belly fats.

Are there healthy foods to lose weight proven to work? What specific foods are considered as the top 10 fat burners?

1. Oranges

Oranges have every right to be included in the list of health foods because of the plethora of benefits that it can offer. Its vitamin C and fiber content can support the body’s Carnitine production. This component is responsible in the oxidation of fatty acids in the body.

2. Berries

There are many different kinds of edible berries that you can consider as foods that burn belly fat. Berries are rich in antioxidants which can help cleanse the body of impurities and promote optimum function of the entire system. They can also be added to yoghurt, cereals or oatmeal as flavor enhancers.

3. Garlic and Onions

If you are looking for the best weight loss foods that you can incorporate in all your meals, that would be the combination of garlic and onions. These spices can be added to different recipes not only to make the dish more delectable but healthier as well. They contain oils and minerals which can help in increasing the body’s metabolic rate and promote the breakdown of fats.

4. Whole Grain Bread

You may wonder why whole grain bread is included in this list. Even if it belongs to the category of carbohydrates, the fiber present in the seeds within offers many benefits to people who want to eliminate unsightly belly bulges. Therefore, diets that include whole grain bread are common in the world of weight loss.

5. Brown Rice

The fibrous and nutty texture of brown rice is just one of the reasons why many health buffs prefer to have them over white rice. Meals that include brown rice are very filling. Dieters don’t have to worry about gaining weight because it is one of the most effective flat belly foods you could ever find.

6. Green Tea

Drinking green tea daily will complement your weight loss diet and promote faster metabolism. So if you are looking for foods and drinks that really help burn body fats, green tea comes highly recommended.

7. Salmon

Salmon is definitely one of the most popular foods included in weight loss diets. It is easy to prepare and could be a satisfying treat for dieters. The omega-3 content is also a plus factor that pushes salmon to become one of the best foods for weight loss.

8. Broccoli

This healthy veggie holds low levels of calorie and fat. Together with its fiber content, broccoli truly belongs to the category of weight loss foods.

9. Avocado

If you are looking for way on how to lose weight without depriving yourself of delicious foods, you can always include avocados in your weekly menu plan. It is best prepared as salads and you body will receive healthy fats from this superfood.

10. Chicken

There are a variety of delicious protein-rich dishes that you can prepare with chicken. And you can count on these foods to act as the belly fat burning foods.

It may sound implausible that you can eat certain foods to banish those belly fats. But researches have found that eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT PROPORTIONS is the best approach in eliminating unwanted fat stores in stubborn areas like the belly. Eating healthy to lose weight gives you the assurance that you can sustain the diet because you will not feel deprived and you can satisfy your stomach whenever you feel hungry. With these healthy foods, your body will feel more energized and revitalized to perform your day to day tasks. So if you are still asking for more ways on how to lose weight fast for free, just embrace some changes in your lifestyle and couple it with your determination to really lose weight.



How to Lose Lower Belly Fat – Outstanding Methods to Get A  Flat Stomach

There are a lot of diet and workout programs out there which promise to lose lower belly fat the quick and easy way. Their effectiveness, however, will also depend a lot on you. Before ever doing a particular program that will help you get rid of those excess body fat, you first have to make sure that you completely understand everything you need to know about them. Now, let’s get started.

With the number of approaches offered by different people regarding this matter, it can get pretty overwhelming especially for beginners. In trying to achieve a more toned stomach, it would be a whole lot better if you stick to the healthy and natural approaches since generally, they will not just take you to your goal the safest way but it will bring a lot more benefits to your entire body as well.

To help you get started; given below are some of the most effective ways on how to lose belly fat naturally.

1. Watch your diet.

If you are really determined to achieve a flat stomach, then first and foremost, you will have to address the root cause of the excess fat in it. Your diet is one of the major root causes why you have a lot of excess fat stored in your lower abdomen. What and how much you eat affect your body to a great extent. Sticking to a much healthier diet is the best way to start achieving a more flat stomach.

Tips on how to have a diet that will help you get rid of lower belly fat.

-  Body fat accumulation around the stomach area is mainly caused by refined processed carbohydrates. To prevent body fat from building up in these areas, it is highly advised that you limit your intake of foods with much refined processed carbohydrates and instead, prefer natural healthy foods to lose weight. Carbohydrates provide energy for your body. Thus, if you consume a lot of carbohydrates in your food but do not use up the energy stored in it, they will tend to build up in certain parts of your body, particularly in your stomach, resulting to a fat belly.

-  In order to effectively lose weight, you must always keep in mind that you must be able to burn more amount of calories than you actually consume. This is achieved by consuming less calories and burning more of what you do consume through exercise.

-  Eating foods which are rich in fiber is another great way to reduce the excess fat in your belly. Aside from being beneficial to your health, fiber-rich foods tend to make you feel full for a much longer time, therefore, reducing your food intake significantly.

-  Did you know that you can also lose weight by drinking water? Research has found that water can help increase your body’s metabolism, thus, increasing the rate at which you burn your calories.

Now that we have known some of the tips on how to burn some belly fat, let us now get to know some of the foods which can help us perform those tips.


1.Berries – Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and other kinds of berries are known to be full of antioxidants and fibers. But better stick to the natural fruits than the processed jellies and jams.

2.Beans – Beans are very low in calorie content and is also packed with fibers which help you tone and lose some of the fat in your stomach.

3.Citrus Fruits – Limes, grapefruit, lemons and oranges are not only known because of their high vitamin C content. They are also one of the belly fat burning foods because of their fiber content.
4.Eggs Eggs are packed with vitamin B12, a vitamin used by your body to metabolize fat.

5.Chilies – Foods such as cayenne pepper or chili contains capsaicin, a compound which is known to increase your metabolism.

6.Dairy – Calcium, which is one of the main contents of dairy products, helps in breaking down the fats in your body and prevents it from forming.


7.Green Vegetables – Green and leafy vegetables have always been known to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which prove to be extremely beneficial to the entire body. Aside from this, green veggies are also rich in good fiber which can help you burn those excess fats in your stomach.

2. Exercise regularly.

While the different foods to eat to lose belly fat we have mentioned earlier can greatly help in getting rid of lower belly fat, they will still be of little value if they are not paired with regular exercises. When it comes to this matter, there is much that people need to understand.

Most people usually have the notion that doing ab exercises alone can help them get rid of the fat in their stomach. You should not fall into this trap. Always remember that diet and exercise should always go hand in hand. Without proper diet, your exercise will go to waste. And without exercising, your diet will barely do much to help with your excess fat at all. As a solid example to this, ab exercises can indeed define the muscles in your stomach. However, to make these muscles visible, you must first get rid of the fats that cover them and this can be done when you eat healthy foods and maintain a proper diet.

Doing hundreds of crunches or sit-ups in a day may help tone and strengthen the muscles. However, they do not guarantee the riddance of the fats. This is why fitness instructors will advise that you combine your ab workouts with cardio exercises.

What are cardio exercises?

Any activity that can increase your respiration and heart rate is considered to be a cardio exercise. Doing cardio exercises brings a whole lot of benefits such as strengthening your heart and lungs, increasing your energy level, reducing stress, and promoting a more restful sleep. Aside from this bunch of benefits, cardio exercises are also known to increase your metabolism and burn your calories, thus, preventing them from building up in different parts of your body such as in your stomach and helping you to lose weight in the process.

Some of the most effective cardio exercises you can do which can also become a good workout for lower abs include:

-       jogging

-       brisk walking

-       cycling

-       swimming

-       aerobics

-       high-activity sports

-       …and even dancing.

By staying active, you are able to use up the stored energy in the food you consume. By doing so, you are able to prevent them from accumulating in your body as excess fats. Furthermore, maintaining a more active lifestyle will benefit you a lot more than just slimming down your stomach.

3. Reduce your alcohol consumption.

In trying to lose your lower belly fat, what you drink matters just as much as what you eat. It is true that our body needs a certain level of alcohol too. However, just like most things in this life, too much of it can be harmful for you.

Even when you perform belly fat exercises and stick to a proper diet, the results can still be easily altered when you have excessive alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcohol does not only make you more prone to risky diseases. Studies have shown that there is a connection between drinking excess alcohol and gaining some fat in your belly, more commonly known as beer belly.

This doesn’t really mean that you should completely stop drinking alcoholic drinks. It is just highly advised that you learn to control yourself and drink moderately from now on.

4. Reduce stress.

Whenever you feel stressed, your body secretes a certain hormone known as cortisol. Studies have shown that this particular hormone has a correlation with an increase in a person’s belly fat. So if you truly want to lose those excess fats in your belly, this does not just require you to perform flat stomach exercises or to have a proper diet. More than that, it also important that you identify the major stressors in your life so that you can take some actions that will significantly eliminate them.

Losing belly fat and reducing your weight are valuable goals and so you must have the right and a very firm mindset in order to achieve them. Don’t be discouraged if you do not see results immediately. Reaching your goal may take some time. You will indeed go through a lot of things. But by not giving up, you will eventually get there. A lot of people give up too soon and so they never get what they want.

Remember, nobody is saying that this is going to be easy. In fact, you must prepare yourself for some difficulties since this endeavor will require a great deal of discipline, motivation and sacrifices on your part. But as you can see, all the tips on how to lose lower belly fat will all boil down to this one conclusion - live healthy.




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